Malayan Sun Bear

Helarctos Malaynus

The smallest of all bears, sun bears may have been named for the yellowish patch of fur on their throat or because they sunbathe during the day.

The naked soles of their feet assist in tree climbing.  Their long toe nails are used to dig trees and termite mounds in search of insects and larvae.

Fun Facts


Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Ursidae

Genus: Helarctos

Species: H. Malayanus


Sun bears resides in Southeast Asia as far west as eastern India, as far north as southern China and as far south as Indonesia. Their habitat is tropical forest and the type they live in depends on the geographic location. In Borneo, Sumatra and peninsular Malaysia, they occur in tropical evergreen rainforest that consistently receives high rainfall throughout the year. However, on mainland Southeast Asia they can be found in seasonal forests that experience a long dry season.