Przewalski’s Horse

Equus Ferus Przewalski

Przewalski’s horses (pronounced she-VAHL-skeez) is named after a famous Russian explorer and naturalist. This horse is only remaining truly wild “horse” in the world and may be the closest living wild relative of the modern horse. DNA evidence shows that modern horses are descended from not one, but several wild populations suggesting that they were domesticated in different areas of the world.

Fun Facts


Class: Mammalia

Order: Perissodactyla

Family: Equidae

Genus: Equus

Species: F. Przewalski


Przewalski's horses were last found on the Mongolian steppes of the Gobi Desert. The Gobi is different from the Sahara, as only a tiny part of it is sandy desert. It is extremely dry, but the region also has springs, steppes, forests, and high mountains, and supports a great diversity of animals.