KultureCity Certification

The El Paso Zoo is proud to announce its attainment of sensory inclusion certification through KultureCity. In our ongoing commitment to providing an inclusive environment, we have established designated quiet areas and headphone zones to accommodate visitors with sensory sensitivities.

We invite you to join us in commemorating this milestone as we launch a sensory-inclusive day on Sunday, April 28th, and subsequently on the first Sunday of each month.

To enhance your experience, we encourage you to download KultureCity’s Sensory Inclusive App, which can facilitate your visit not only to our Zoo but also to any Sensory InclusiveTM location.

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KultureCity® Sensory Bag
After purchasing your tickets, visit the Gift Shop or Hunt Family Endangered Species Carousel to borrow a KultureCity® Sensory Bag. Inside a KultureCity® Sensory Bag are items you can use to feel calm while you visit the zoo. You can use the headphones in areas that are too loud and can use the fidget tools to keep you focused.

Please visit the El Paso Zoo's KultureCity Certification page for further information on what to expect when you come to The El Paso Zoo and what will help you stay calm and enjoy your visit!