March 17, 2011. Takota, the El Paso Zoo's golden eagle, celebrates his one-year anniversary of being on public programs. In March 2010, Takota began visiting with guests during public programs and since then has made appearances at regularly scheduled zoo programs as well as several off grounds programs. Some notable appearances have been at the Franklin Mountains Poppy Celebration, Music Under the Stars and at An Evening with Jack Hanna at the Plaza Theater where he was one of the featured animals on stage. 
The El Paso Electric Kalahari Research Station at the El Paso Zoo celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, April 23, 2011.
March 13, 2011. Situated in the Asia section of the Zoo the new Przewalski's Wild Horse exhibit features the only remaining truly wild "horse" in the world . Thanks to the dedication of a small network of animal conservationists, a global effort has been successful in bringing this majestic animal back from the brink of extinction, right to El Paso for all to enjoy and appreciate.