The El Paso Zoo would like to announce the arrival of their new liter of baby capybaras. The baby capybaras were born on November 6, 2010. There have been a total of four liters born at the El Paso Zoo from 2000-2010 for a total of thirteen babies.
El Paso, Texas (September 25, 2010). The El Paso Zoo announced today that they are now offering a variety of themed overnight adventures for the fall. Group leaders can now arrange Roar and Snore adventures for community groups and organizations at an amazing half price rate - $20/participant ages 7-12 and $25 per person ages 13 on up.* Beginning in September, these programs will feature new activities and allow participants to choose the focus of their overnight encounters. 
November 12, 2010. The El Paso Zoo Passport to Africa habitat has eight new antelope living in the northern savanna area of the Africa exhibit. Joining the giraffe herd are a pair of greater kudu and a family of Thomson's gazelles.