You can count on us to be your #1 life and environmental science education resource!  

The Education Department at the El Paso Zoo is committed and dedicated to helping teachers and educators create a connection with their students and wildlife. We'll help you make your class wild by helping you integrate conservation into your curriculum.

  • Reservations must be made 3 weeks in advance.
  • Programs are 30 to 45 minutes.
  • All program curriculum is TEKS, STEM, and National Standards aligned.
  • Programs are offered on zoo grounds or offsite at your campus.
  • Classes are available by request using the online reservation form available at www.elpasozoo.org.
  • All classes are fun, interactive; hands-on, with opportunities for encounters with our education animals.

We offer opportunities for every grade level! What are you waiting for?

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All about Water (Grades K-3)
Students will learn about water sources in El Paso and why water is a limited resource that needs to be conserved.

Animals of the Chihuahuan Desert (Grades 3-12)  
Students will learn about Chihuahuan Desert animals, plants, and the adaptations needed to survive in our desert.

Animal Wrappers (Day Care, Head Start, Pre-K-3)
Students will discover the different coverings of mammals, birds and reptiles. They will also learn about how these coverings help the animals survive in their habitats. 

Biomes of the World (Grades 6-12)
This interactive program will allow students to better understand how life is dependent upon and interacts with the non-living elements of an ecosystem.

Careers at the Zoo(Grades 4-12) Zoos offer several career choices. Students will learn about many of these zoo careers such as zookeeper, exotic animal veterinarian, education specialist, zoo director, and so much more!  

Our World Our Friend (Grades K-12)
Students will learn about the importance of biodiversity. How are our everyday lives affecting animals and plants around the world? 

Venomous Animals (Grades 3 and up)
Students will learn how to identify venomous animals of the El Paso area. They will also learn the importance of these animals and how they help balance our ecosystems.  

CAREER VET DAY  High School and College Students only - 9 -11:30 am - Minimum is one student, maximum is 2.  High School students who want to explore a career in veterinary medicine will spend two hours shadowing the veterinary staff behind the scenes learning and experiencing what it's like to be a veterinarian. $20.00 per participant (Admission not included and not required).

Program Information at the Zoo:

  • There may be up to 25 students per class for most sessions
  • The minimum class size for most sessions is 20
  • $3 per student (100 students per day)
  • Zoo admission fees are extra at $5 per student and $7.50 per chaperone (1 chaperone for every 10 students at group rate).



Please note: For most programs students will get an up close look at some of our educational animals and biofacts. Animals in our education collection include reptiles (snakes, tortoises and other reptiles), birds (parrots), invertebrates (venomous and non venomous) and mammals (chinchilla, hedgehog, ferret and other mammals). For animal safety reasons we cannot guarantee any individual animal or class of animals. Please note that like people, animals sometimes have a bad day or are sick and on these days some animals may not be available. There may be an option for participants to touch an educational animal depending on group size and age.

If you have questions please contact the Zoo Adventure Education Specialist Office, Cheyenne Garcia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Antonia Alvarado at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(915) 521-1894 to discuss more options.