Curriculum Programs

Program Information

Go wild with Zoo Adventure Programs’ TEKS and STEM aligned curriculum programs! Below is the list of all the curriculum programs we offer and the grades they are best suited for. For more information email us at or call (915)212-2871.

  • Curriculum programs are 30 -45 minutes programs
  • $3.00 per student; not including admission
  • Most groups sizes can be accommodated (minimum/ maximum applicable)
  • Large groups may be divided
  • All programs must be paid in advance of visit date
  • The health and safety of the animals is of utmost importance. No animal is guaranteed at any program, and we reserve the right to remove an animal from any situation that we deem unsuitable.

Placeholder image of colorful elephant and lion


Animals of the Chihuahuan Desert - (Grades 3 - 12)
Students will learn about Chihuahuan Desert animals, plants, and the adaptations needed to survive in our desert.

Animal Wrappers - (Day Care, Head Start, Pre-K - 3)
Students will discover the different coverings of mammals, birds and reptiles. They will also learn about how these coverings help the animals survive in their habitats.

Biomes of the World - (Grades 6 - 12)
This interactive program will allow students to better understand how life is dependent upon and interacts with the non-living elements of an ecosystem.

Careers at the Zoo - (Grades 4 - 12)
Zoos offer several career choices. Students will learn about many of these zoo careers such as zookeeper, exotic animal veterinarian, education specialist, zoo director, and so much more!

Our World Our Friend - (Grades K - 12)
Students will learn about the importance of biodiversity. How are our everyday lives affecting animals and plants around the world?

Venomous Animals - (Grades 3+)
Students will learn how to identify venomous animals of the El Paso area. They will also learn the importance of these animals and how they help balance our ecosystems.