Solar Energy
April 15, 2014

Solar energy is the generation of electricity from sunlight.  

Everyone knows that we have plenty of sunshine in the "Sun City", but few people use solar panels to generate this promising form of clean and renewable energy. The good news is that new businesses have begun specializing in helping people to install solar panels on their homes. 

Renewable energy is a very important part of our clean energy future and the Zoo in cooperation with El Paso Electric encourages you to take the first step by talking with a solar energy expert. 

The El Paso Electric Kalahari Research Station at the El Paso Zoo celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, April 23, 2011. 

The Research Station is a popular destination for young El Pasoans who visit the Zoo. It is the Zoo's first energy exhibit featuring a renewable energy system of solar photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine generator plus live animals from Africa. The wind turbine is the first wind turbine generator installed in the city of El Paso. An energy monitoring system inside the station measures the amount of energy generated by the station's solar panels and wind turbine in relation the actual energy used by the building and the amount of energy that is paid for. Live energy generation and usage at the station can also be seen online from the following link. The KWh total on the second line shows energy generated and used since the system was reset on November 22, 2011. El Paso Electric Kalahari Research Station Renewable Energy System

The Research Station is a partnership between the Zoo and El Paso Electric. The project was funded by monies from EPE's Voluntary Renewable Energy Tariff. It was designed to help Zoo visitors experience a real research station in Africa where they could also learn about renewable energy. It was named Kalahari for the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa where most of the animals in the Africa section of the Zoo are found in the wild. 

"El Paso Electric's involvement with this project demonstrates our commitment to renewable energy as well as to the importance of educating the public on these alternative energy resources," said Richard Fleager, El Paso Electric Senior Vice President of Customer Care and External Affairs. "It is our hope that this education center will serve as a tool for the next generation to learn more about and to advance the technology of renewable energy." 

"My favorite thing about the Station is that it seems that you have walked into a real place where wildlife researchers live and work", said Steve Marshall Zoo Director, "There may be a soccer game playing on the old TV and researcher's notes on the wall about ordering supplies, recent wildlife sightings, and needing a ride into town. It turned out just the way our staff envisioned it." 

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