Make a call for the wild and save Castner Range!
December 27, 2016

Did you know it was Education Curator Rick LoBello who first had the vision to pursue a National Monumentdesignation for the Castner Range? Two years ago, he suggested to the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition to contact Congressman O'Rourke and get moving.

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Today, there are more 35,000 people who have pledged their support to protect the Chihuahuan Desert. Never in Rick’s WILDEST dreams did he all expect to see so much widespread support for a monument effort both locally and nationally.

The Castner Range is home to more than 650 species of Chihuahuan Desert plants, 33 species of reptiles, over a 100 species of birds and nearly 30 species of mammals.

Every day the El Paso Zoo helps create opportunities for people to rediscover their connections to nature. It is our hope that zoo visitors will be inspired by the wildlife they see and want to get involved with conservation efforts to help specific animals and the habitats where they live in the wild, like the Castner Range.

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Rick and all your friends here at the El Paso Zoo hope that everyone who has supported this movement will continue to work towards this great endeavor for El Paso, our region and the world.

If you have not called President Obama and left a comment on the White House Comment line there is still time to take part and save wildlife habitat! President Obama has more than month to go before he completes his term and service as his presidency. Together, we all must remain hopeful that President Obama will make the monument a part of his legacy.

It’s difficult to make a call during Eastern Time business hours, and the line is often busy, but it’s worth the effort – for our animals and our desert home. Please call (202) 456-1111 to support the Castner Range – there’s still time! 

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