Help our frogs here in El Paso
April 15, 2014

Frogs and other amphibians help people by controlling insects. Just like us, they need clean water and air to be healthy so their presence is a good sign of a healthy planet. Since 1980 over 120 species have gone extinct mainly because of habitat loss. Do your part by getting involved in helping to protect habitat here in El Paso by supporting local conservation organizations. The amphibians will "toadally" appreciate it. 

Top 12 things you can do to help amphibians: 

1. Learn about amphibians. 
How much do you already know? With over 5,300 species worldwide, even the world's leading amphibian experts know there's more to learn! So, pick up a book, hop around the Internet or watch your favorite animal show on TV for more fascinating froggy facts.

2. Visit amphibians from around the world.
Have your very own amphibian adventure at your local AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium . Zoos and aquariums are some of the best places to see and learn about amphibians, especially species that are found in other climates and countries, like South America, Africa and Asia. 

3. Don't let the garbage get them. 
Just like you, amphibians need clean water and fresh air to be happy and healthy. Do your part to keep garbage and chemicals out of the natural environment. The amphibians will "toadally" appreciate it. 

4. Look for them nearby. 
Chances are there are amphibians living in your neighborhood and maybe even in your own backyard. Not so sure? Spring and summer are the best times to look and listen for signs of amphibians. Explore your neighborhood and get ready for a hoppin' good time. 

5. Invite them to visit. 
Want to create a wild welcome for amphibian visitors? Build a Toad Abode. It's easy. Take a terra-cotta pot (decorate it if you want), put it on the ground upside down, and prop up one side with a small rock. This is the toad's house. Now hope a toad moves in! 

6. Give them safe places. 
Amphibians can be a little jumpy! Some species are quite cautious and timid and prefer to hide out under protective leafy, green vegetation. You can provide a safe place to hide by adding native plant species to your backyard habitat. 

7. Protect them from pets. 
Croak! Curious cats and digging dogs cause a lot of stress for frightened frogs. Be a responsible pet owner and discourage your canine and feline family members from pestering wildlife, especially amphibians and birds. 

8. Stick to the natives. 
Never place non-native vegetation or release unwanted aquatic pets in the wild. Amphibians are especially sensitive to competition and other threats from non-native species. Help amphibians avoid sticky situations by keeping their natural habitats in good condition. 

9. Tell everyone! 
You know amphibians are super cool. But, what about your friends and family? Share your amphibian knowledge! Frogs, toads and salamanders need all the fans they can get. 

10. Use less stuff and recycle.
Remember, the biggest way to have a positive impact on the environment is to make good choices about what you buy and what you use. If you use fewer resources and recycle, you'll generate less trash. Salamanders, toads and frogs won't be the only ones to benefit from your good decisions. Everybody wins! 

11. Do your part in helping to protect habitat here in El Paso by supporting local conservation organizations.
Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition
Friends of Rio Bosque 
Keystone Heritage Park