Elephant Training

From July 04, 2014 12:00 pm until July 04, 2014 12:20 pm

Categories: Daily Attractions

Asian Elephant Training Program (at demonstration yard)

Every day at noon our elephant keepers and zoo education specialists demonstrate how we train our Asian elephants.  Our elephants Juno and Savannah are very high maintenance animals requiring up to two hours of special attention each day including a morning bath and training exercises.  These activities involve having the elephant hold up one foot at time allowing the keepers an opportunity to check toe tail growth on each foot.  Taking care of an elephant's feet is an important component in any elephant management program.  Because an elephant's feet are used constantly for walking, standing, and supporting its large body weight, healthy feet are essential to a healthy elephant.  Each foot has a callous-like pad on the bottom and nails for each toe.  Using special treats like fruit and vegetables as rewards, keepers check every foot and nail daily helping to guarantee that all four feet will receive a pad trim and nail file on a regular basis.   At the program education specialists review the major reasons why elephants are endangered and provide information on how our guests can get involved in helping elephants

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