Behind the Scenes Registration Deadline

On July 26, 2014

Categories: Zoo Adventures

Go Behind the Scenes and meet culinary staff, veterinary staff and zoo keepers in the unique places they work.
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  1. Introduce yourself to the world of exotic animal culinary arts. It's bunches of fun.
  2. Learn about the dynamic industry of zoological veterinary medicine. It's a prescription for adventure.
  3. Discover the life and times of our zookeepers at one of the animal habitats. It's a roaring good time.

August 9, 2014: Deadline to Register: July 26

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Animal presentations are subject to cancellation without notice.

Giraffe Encounters

Our Zoo Giraffe Encounters have been temporarily cancelled. We are remodeling the Giraffe Encounter area and will resume our encounters when remodeling is completed by early January.

Daily Sea Lion Program

Our daily sea lion programs have been cancelled until further notice. We are introducing our female sea lion Sushi to our male sea lion LB. Once we know that they are compatible we hope to resume our daily training programs.