Sleepover Adventures

Have you ever wondered what happens to the animals when everyone has gone for the day and the Zoo is closed? Bring your pillow, toothbrush, sleeping bag and spend the night at the zoo to find out! 

Sleepovers include evening and early morning guided tours, live animal presentations, nighttime visits to see some of our animals and so much more.Click here to register for your Sleepover Adventure. If you do not receive a confirmation of your request within 5 working days, please call (915) 212-2830 or (915) 212-2829. 

Program Information

  • 6 p.m.-8 a.m.
  • $45 per participant
  • Minimum group size 15; Maximum group size 25
  • Participants must be ages 7 and up (1 paid adult per 5 children 7-17)
  • Registration and payment due 2 weeks in advance of scheduled program

For more information contact the Education Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (915) 212-2871.

Sleepover Dates

  • Sleepovers are available upon request. When you register for a sleepover be sure to request a specific date. We will confirm your request within 5 working days.


This is a great option for families and small groups. If you have 15 people or more in your group consider signing up for a private date.

Online Registration Required. Make sure to fill in appropriate date on registration form.

Example Sleepover Adventure Schedule


Day One



Arrival - sign in/photo release


Drop off belongings at Asia Discovery Center/ Introduction animal name game

- assign flashlights


Animal encounter at EPWU

Conservation Activity: Wildlife Friendly Yards (bird feeders)


Commissary-making skewers


Radio telemetry/camera trapping/nocturnal animals


Nocturnal tour (Asia nocturnal room, reptile house…etc)

Asia nocturnal animals

Animals in their exhibits


Evening activity- Campfire and campfire activities


Bedtime! (sleeping in Asia Discovery Center)

Bed time story

Day Two



Wake UP/Cereal Breakfast


Morning walk in the Americas Aviary



 Sleepover FAQs

1.  Can we bring our own food?  If you have allergies or need a special diet please bring the appropriate amount of snacks for yourself or child.  Please do not bring dinner, eat prior to arrival.  The program is jam packed and there is not time allotted for a big meal. 

2.  Where do we sleep?  Most sleepovers are held in the Asia Discovery Center.  Comfy camp cots are set up in the one large room.  

3.  What should we bring?

  •          Pillow
  •          Blanket
  •          Close toed shoes
  •          Appropriate clothes depending on weather
  •          Water bottle
  •          Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, etc). No shower facilities.
  •          Camera

May need:

  •          Ear plugs 

Do NOT bring:

  •          Electronics (video games, ipods, etc).