The El Paso Zoo educates over 350,000 zoo visitors every year including thousands of students visiting the zoo on field trips.  Visitors can learn about wild animals, their habitats, related conservation issues, and the ways in which they can contribute to their preservation. 

During your visit to the Zoo, join us at one of our animal training sessions or at an enrichment program at the Asian elephant, giraffe, African lion, Galapagos tortoise, Sumatran orangutan and ocelot exhibits. This is a great way to learn more about our animals and meet our staff.  

Want to try something unique? Join us for a Zoo Adventure Program (ZAP) including a sleepover or behind the scenes tour.

Teachers, sign up your students for interactive TEKS and STEM focused curriculum programs offered at the zoo or at your school!  All of our classes include close up encounters with many of our live education animals including reptiles, mammals, birds and invertebrates. 

The El Paso Zoo is the best place in El Paso and the surrounding region for kids and families to spend time together.  Here you can gain emotional ties to wildlife from around the world, foster appreciation for the natural world and get involved in wildlife conservation efforts all while having a memorable and fun visit with your family and friends.

Escape into a new adventure by contacting our education team to make plans for a special discovery opportunity at the El Paso Zoo. Be sure to check our Teacher Resource Page for fun activities for classes of all ages!


Field Trips


Bring your group and escape to a fun and educational adventure through our different continents. Learn about our animals of Africa, Americas, and Asia! Play around a little on our tree house and make a splash at the splash pad. Join us and have a Zooper experience! Learn More.


Offsite Classes


The Education Department at the El Paso Zoo is committed to helping educators to create a connection with their students and wildlife. We'll help you make your class wild by helping you integrate conservation into your curriculum. Learn More.


Zoo Adventure Programs (ZAP)


Come see the El Paso Zoo as you have never seen it before by participating in one of our unique Zoo Adventure Programs! ZAP (Zoo Adventure Programs) give you an opportunity to learn about the zoo and its animals in a fun and intimate way. We offer several different programs to suit your desires: