The Animals of the Spanish Explorers at the Cisneros Paraje


Travelers along the Camino Real.
La Entrada
1999, Carlos Callejo, Courtesy New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum, Las Cruces. Image copyright the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

Our Animals of the Spanish Explorers Exhibit at the Cisneros Paraje features animals imported into North America from Spain as they traveled along the Camino Real. The Camino Real was the historic road between Mexico City, Mexico and present day Santa Fe, New Mexico, that passed through El Paso. Travelers along the Camino Real stopped at rest areas called parajes every 10-15 miles to replenish supplies and find water for their livestock. The exhibit is home to a Mexican burro, Spanish goats, Navajo-Churro and Santa Cruz Island sheep, Ossabaw Island hogs plus a campsite scene from 1650 and a paraje village scene from 1750.