Grant's Zebra


DIET: The zebra is able to survive eating tougher grasses that many other species of animals are unable to digest. 

HABITAT: Savanna/Grasslands

DESCRIPTION: Wildlife biologists believe that the combined stripes of a herd of zebras help to protect them from predators. When they are running away from an attacking lion, the movement of so many stripes makes it more difficult for the lion to focus on any one animal.  

DID YOU KNOW? As it feeds on grasses the zebra opens up the grassland benefiting other animals like gazelles that are looking for more tender vegetation growing closer to the ground.

MORE ABOUT OUR ANIMALS: We have seven female zebras – Dulce, Brava, Sweet Pea, Ebony, Ivory and Firefly all came to El Paso on May 10, 2010 to live in our new Africa exhibit. Most of them were born during the spring and summer of 2009. One arrived at the El Paso Zoo pregnant.  Stormy was born here at the Zoo on June 29, 2010.

HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED IN CONSERVATION EFFORTS:  Read about zebras online and check out books from your local library. Become a member of the El Paso Zoological Society. Funds raised by the Society are used to support conservation efforts at the Zoo and in the wild.  

JUST FOR KIDS: A zebra's stripes are much like our finger prints; no two zebras are the same. See if you can see any special patterns in the stripes as you look at our zebras. Imagine you are a lion and you want to catch a certain zebra and they are all running at the same time. Do you think you could do it?