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Cotton-top Tamarin

Scientific Name:
Saguinus oedipus oedipus



Rainforests north of the Amazon river

Fruit, insects, young leaves, buds, vines, epiphytes

260-380 grams

Seasonal. Female is pregnant or with young January- June, gestation is 140 days. Sexual maturity for females is 18 months, for males 24 months.

General Description:
Crest of long whitish hair from forehead to nape flowing over shoulders. The back is brown with under parts of arms and legs being whitish to yellow. Unlike other new world monkeys, this species has modified claws instead of nails on all digits. It also has 2 rather than 3 molars on each side of the jaw.

Lives in groups of up to 19 individuals, most common group size is 3-9. Groups are made up of dominant mated pair, their young and a few unrelated subordinates. Home range is 20-25 acres. They show rear and genitals as a territorial display. The father assists at birth and carries the young all the time except when the young are being fed.

Did you know? Cotton Top Tamarins obtain water by licking leaves when wet with dew or rain.

Where can you find them? In Tropical rainforests and open woodlands.


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